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Workouts(At Home Mostly)

This series of workouts is called “Summer Front Porch Workouts.”
I have been thinking about how it is hard some days to get to the gym especially during the summer time. Everyone has a different schedule, yada, yada, yada. You can do this one at home. I workout on my front porch and LOVE it. Do what I did and change your body. 🙂 Follow my posts and I will send you a free ebook!

You will need a timer, speed rope, one set of weights.(15 pounds)

Warm Up
Jump with your speed rope for 5 minutes.
Each cycle to be performed 3x before moving to the next.
Cycle ONE:
Pushups(widestance) for 12 reps.
Jump for one minute.

Cycle TWO:
modified push-up with extension(
Jump for one minute.

Cycle THREE:
Shoulder Presses for 12 with 15 lb weight
Jump for one minute.

Cycle FOUR:
Jump lunges for 8.

Cycle FIVE:
Overhead Press Squats for 12.(Press weight directly overhead and squat)
One legged dead lifts for 12 each leg.(Pick up weight with one hand as you dead lift with one leg.)

Do thirty leg raises.


I have been thinking about changing behaviors lately. Mostly, we drift to the negative behaviors we want to change. Let’s focus on good behaviors we can develop to replace the old ones which aren’t serving us any more.
So, I suggest just do the thing you should do without analyzing it. Eventually, you will crave doing it.
Replace bad/tired behaviors with this routine.

Jump with speed rope for 5 minutes.
Do thirty leg raises.
Do a plank for one minute.
Plank with knee to the elbow and up and out for 20 each side.
Do 20 walkouts.
Jump for 5 minutes.

That cookie craving should be no where insight now!

Speed ropes available at with manuals and training DVDs.


Beach workout.
Early am cardio. Run/walk outside.

Strength routine to be done outside.
Use picnic table.

As many push-ups as you can for 3 sets; feet on the seat.

Bulgarian split lunge. 3 sets 20 each leg. Put leg on bench. And lunge down.

Lay on a towel do thirty bikes. Thirty leg raises. Plank for one minute 3 times.

Side squat each leg for 20.

20 jump squats. 2x

20 jump lunges. 2x


Here is a great rainy Sunday workout that will help to pick up your energy levels!

Warm up with five minutes on the speed rope.

Do each exercise for 3 rounds.

Squat with 15 pound weights for 20 reps. I place the weights on my shoulders and look up to keep my chest up.

Use the same weights and perform 20 dead lifts. Slight bend in the knees is ok. Do not bend your back.

Side lunge with one weight held with both hands right under your chin for 20.

Do this 3x. No stopping.

Jump for 5 minutes again.

Take out a mat and do a a full push-up for 15 reps 3x.

Lie on your back and do 30 leg raises. 30 bikes. 30 crunches to the middle. Then oblique crunches for 30 each side.
Take your time to stretch all sore areas. One of the great benefits of exercise is it’s ability to help you can focus. Use this time to renew your drive and gain focus on what is important to you. If you need help with stretching there is a great ebook available at I use this ebook to help structure my stretching routines!
Enjoy your Sunday! If you have any questions about exercise or clean eating you can email me at


Do not let the 12 minutes length of this workout fool YOU!
HOT ATTACK WORKOUT by Charliejames1975(youtube)/no equipment needed. I added speed rope.

5 minutes speed rope.

5 minutes speed rope

Timer is Gymboss Timer.

Well, I am off to do this workout ENJOY!!!


3 thoughts on “Workouts(At Home Mostly)

  1. Hi Monica! I did this routine this morning. I had not jumped rope in a LONG time besides with my PE classes. I liked the push up with extension. I felt it all in my core.

  2. Sounds good. I’ll give it a try. I just started working out a week ago. So I’m building slowly.

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