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The “Be Strong” 100 Day Transformation

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“What is the goal or purpose of this program?”; “Are you Frustrated with yourself because you cannot stay on track on a program?”
…..Have you tried to “get in Shape” or “eat right” so many times you cannot count. Did you gain and lose pounds more times than you can remember. Take control of your life. You have the ability to make lasting changes in your life. I can help you.

I am here for you and want you to make real changes that will last forever. Go ahead commit to me for 100 days and you will never have to spend another dollar on dieting gimmicks ever.

I know how it feels to be overweight, tired, and defeated. You can climb out of that pit.
**Reach out and Commit.** You are not alone. You can over come all obstacles!
“What will you receieve?”
Once approved:
You will receive a detailed workout plan(3 days/week), a suggested weekly eating plan, My recipe book(Simple, Clean Recipes), and access to me 24-7 via this group to support you in your daily decision making. Are you ready to finally take control back into your life? I believe in You! Message me for details at /mdborel(Facebook) or send a message to


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