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Saturday” I don’t wanna leave my house workout

Walk 1/4 mile fast
Run 3.2 miles (one round at 3% incline, one round at moderate pace, one round at fast pace)
Outside sprint course 3x
50 curls (biceps)
50 tricep(dips)

30 crunches
30 bikes
30 cocoons
Plank (1 minute(
2 rounds


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Today’s gym workout!

Approximate time 60 minutes

Step mill 5 minutes
15 shoulder presses
12 wall ball and squats
15 pull ups
15 each leg single leg deadlifts
5 minutes row machine
4x- all of the above
After second round do the step mill for 15 minutes then resume for 2 more rounds of the above, do it tell me how you like this!!