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For time!

One mile at least under 7 min 30 seconds

30 Full Sit ups

incline pushups for 15

repeat 3x

Run for one mile under 7 minutes 20 seconds

50 bicycles

15 regular pushups

repeat 3x

run one mile for 7 minutes 15 seconds

pushups with feet on the ball for 15

50 crunches on ball

repeat 3x

Each time you do this workout run each mile faster than before!


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Run three then 50..

Run threemiles at a moderate pace

50 weighted squats

50 side leg raises each leg with ankle weights

50 hip thrusters with weight on hips

25 front lunges; 25 reverse lunges

Max pushups(my goal is 50 at once)

20 pikes on stabilityball

100 crunches on ball