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Persistence over perfection Always.

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Small decisions that you make on a daily basis are important factors that will determine your destiny.

Imagine this scenario: You wake up late for work. No time for exercise this morning. If you skip just one morning this will not hurt your fitness goals. It is just one morning! Come on.

There is also no time to eat breakfast. You rush out of the door. Hurry get the kids to school a little late. You are only 6 minutes late for work. There is a big deadline today! You type away at your keyboard all morning to get the reports in by 1:00 PM. No time for lunch; Just a Honeybun at your desk. You make the deadline by the skin of your teeth! A smoke break would sure take the edge off of your stress. Just one won’t hurt. Five o’clock can not get here fast enough!

The rest of the afternoon involves house keeping tasks for your office; answering emails, returning calls, and working on expense reports. Oh no, at 4:00 you realize that you do not have any food at home to cook for dinner. Looks like it is drive through tonight! But, you were trying to cut back on spending on unnecessary items. Oh well, one time can’t hurt. The kids are cranky when you pick them up. Homework time is stressful! Why do they need homework any way! It is only 6:30! Two more hours until everyone goes to bed. A glass or two of wine will help ease the rest of stress off of the evening. By the time it is time for bed, the kitchen is cleaned, homework is finished, everyone is sleeping; you are frazzled. Ambien take me away. Now, I know that this is a little exaggerated. We all can relate to some elements of this profile of a harried day.

Blame it on the Bad Luck Fairy! But, I can point out five or six times in this scenario where this mom could set herself up for success. Pay attention to the little things. Bad decisions are bad decisions. If your smoke everyday, you are a smoker. If you take drugs on a daily basis to function; you need drugs to function. If you overeat everyday because of your emotions, you will become over weight. If this women repeats this schedule everyday for a month she will have developed some pretty bad habits.

With all that you did today, you did not leave time to accomplish some of your long term goals. Goals which include: a healthy eating plan, fitness regime, quality time with your children, studying for the GRE, going out to lunch with friends, planning that birthday party for your second child.

Our thoughts are our reality. We sow our own thoughts. Have good ones. The happiness and peace you seek are inside of you. Listen to what your mind tells you. Your inner voice is yearning to be heard.

Have postitive affirmations that you keep on index cards. Memorize powerful statements that you can use to turn negative thinking around. The world will feed us junk if you let it. We have to feed ourselves nurturing thoughts. Here are some of my favorite affirmations:

“Dream big and will it to happen.”
-Brian Souza

You are an eagle born to soar.

Motion equals emotion. So, start moving.

Stay strong and keep dreaming.


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